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BitKeep Swap total transactions exceeded 5 million.

Kevin, CEO of BitKeep, a Web3.0 crypto wallet, announced on Twitter.

According to the latest data released by Comsensys, with an average daily swap amount on MetaMask hitting 40 million US dollars, the fee income has become one of the most important income sources for wallet apps.

BitKeep, with an average daily swap amount of 20 million US dollars, has become the decentralized wallet that supports most public chains, most tokens/coins in the world with the largest number of cross-chain Swap transactions.

Unlike MetaMask which focuses on the Ethereum ecosystem, BitKeep serves various ecosystems with its multi-chain cross-chain capabilities. Taking cross-chain swap as a differentiator sets BitKeep Swap apart from its competitors.

As the top crypto wallet in Asia, BitKeep will transform from a closed organization to a community-based DAO and build a blockchain infrastructure with a multi-chain ecosystem as the core.

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