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Healthcare technology firm, MAPay, is utilizing distributed ledger technology to solve significant healthcare payment pain points worldwide.

Voorhees, NJ – July 5, 2022 – MAPay, a healthcare technology firm, aims to revolutionize the global healthcare payment market with distributed ledger technology through a decentralized network known as MPayz.

Traditional healthcare payment processes, especially those in international markets, are inundated with issues, including processing inefficiencies, payment bottlenecks, and lack of interoperability, which causes patients and providers unnecessary challenges, risks, and costs. MAPay is reimagining how this process functions while providing a better solution for the medical payment industry.

The company recently partnered with Algorand, a blockchain infrastructure, where they will introduce their utility token to the market in August: the MPayz token. The MPayz token can support cross-border payments, which is crucial for global healthcare systems to streamline payment systems. 

Leveraging this advanced blockchain, MPayz can create efficiencies among critical stakeholders in the system, such as government health providers, insurance companies, and banks, significantly reducing intermediaries and thereby reducing costs.

The MAPay and MPayz team came together from various industries, including finance, development, and blockchain, under one joint mission: to improve global healthcare payment solutions for all.

“As CEO, one of the remarkable things I take great pride in is the quality of our team,” said MAPay CEO Michael Dershem.

Although some have been valued players with me for years, others have come into our tent because of the vision and mission we have chosen to lead.”

MPayz aims to enable health systems to provide higher levels of care, reduce costs associated with inefficient healthcare administration, leverage healthcare innovations, and extend equitable care to more people across the globe. This will be achieved by developing a suite of blockchain-enabled applications allowing users to control patient health data through NFTs, metaverse-enabled telehealth, and other groundbreaking applications.

The team at MPayz is determined to lead the way in transitioning healthcare into Web 3 by creating a collaborative environment that will allow other application providers to build out their healthcare and pharma DeFi models within the MPayz network creating interoperability where and when warranted.

“Evolving global healthcare to human care may seem like a daunting task, but luckily our team sees this type of technology as a necessity for everyone, driving our passion and our purpose.”

MAPay is currently partnering with countries worldwide to begin implementing the MPayz Network with an initial launch in Bermuda, followed by a pipeline of over twenty nations.

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About MAPay

MAPay is a global healthcare fintech company utilizing distributed ledger technology to revolutionize the healthcare payments industry.

Working with large-scale hospital networks, top practice management systems, and several insurance payers and government entities, MAPay is committed to empowering patients and healthcare providers by leveraging blockchain technology to improve and align incentives, reduce costs, and bring increased transparency and data exchange.

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