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When you start planning a marketing campaign there’s nothing worse than having to deal with people who don’t understand your business. Cryptocurrency is a brand new industry and as a result many so called “experts” are nothing more than your average Joes who Googled a few keywords. That’s the reason why it’s important to find a PR firm that specializes in Cryptocurrency and has a team with the in-depth experience required to understand your brand.

I’m not going to lie, not all crypto marketing campaigns require a PR company. If you simply want to distribute your press release on a number of websites you could do the legwork yourself and contact each site individually. The problem with that is the overall price for the campaign increases exponentially. The amount of logistics required to organize the publication of articles across different sites can sometimes be overwhelming.

This is where we come in. Because we have a long lasting relationship with major cryptocurrency news sites, we are able to take care of the logistics behind the distribution of the articles and are also able to offer you a cheaper price due to our agency discounts. Moreover, if you decide to advertise on our network of sites you will get unmatched prices you can’t find anywhere else. Being a traffic source ourselves we don’t have to play the middleman games, thus being able to offer you the lowest prices possible.

Back to the original point of the article: “Successful marketing starts with industry leaders.” Why? Because industry leaders understand their audience better than anyone else. You need someone to have extensive understanding of cryptocurrencies, exchanges, wallets, and various platforms that live in the crypto space. You need someone who keeps up with the industry and knows what the latest trends are. Having this understanding allows us to know what triggers our audience to convert and ultimately achieve positive ROI on your campaign.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us to find out how we can help take your brand to the next level.

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