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french montana NFTs

NFT profile pictures have become increasingly popular since their rollout on the social media platform Twitter in January. Now Radio Caca is seeking to drive the sector forward with NFT banners displayed on the profile pages of NFT users.

The proof of the NFT banner concept will be Radio Caca’s ‘NFT Jacuzzi,’ a collection of jacuzzi-related NFTs created in cooperation with world-famous rapper French Montana.

While Radio Caca is seeking to inject a sense of fun into its first NFT collection of banners, the company and its CEO Jeff Watney see a more serious side to the idea and what it might accomplish in the longer term.

“NFT banners open the door to a fresh wave of creativity in the industry,” said Watney on 31 March.

“Profile pictures are a great way to signal your interest in NFTs, but there’s a limit to what you can do or express with an image that’s only 400 by 400 pixels. With a larger image size, NFT banners offer greater opportunity for individual expression, increasing the diversity of artists and artworks that can make an impact on profile pages across social media sites.”

The first site to implement NFT banners will be OpenPFP, the newly launched NFT marketplace from Radio Caca. The company has big ambitions for the marketplace and predicts it will exceed trading volumes of $10 billion within the first 12 months of launch. If those predictions prove correct, OpenPFP will establish itself as a top-three marketplace.

NFTs and the metaverse

Radio Caca plans to further leverage the interconnectedness of its ecosystem by allowing NFT Jacuzzi holders to deposit their NFT into the Radio Caca 3D Metaverse. Each NFT will entitle its holder to a virtual 3D jacuzzi in the metaverse, so their virtual self can live out their virtual life like a rap superstar.

“Our partnership with French allows us to do some really fun things as a company; our NFT Jacuzzi collection is just another example of that,” said Watney.

“We see social cachet as one of the big value drivers for NFTs in the metaverse, and what better way to flex than with your own NFT jacuzzi?”

After that, all Radio Caca users will need is some NFT champagne to go with that NFT jacuzzi so they can drink bubbles in bubbles.

French Montana’s Jacuzzi NFT farming program participants can visit the Radio Caca official NFT marketplace: to claim French Montana’s Jacuzzi NFT for free.

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