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To all those familiar with scalability issues plaguing the Ethereum network, the NuGenesis blockchain is a panacea. Existing distributed ledger and blockchain technology systems are primitive and incapable of scaling. To do so would require a complete dismantling of the existing blockchains.

Now, NuGenesis has solved the scalability problem. Built with the end in mind, NuGenesis created a consensus protocol blockchain with internal AI technology, enabling it to process an infinite number of transactions per second. Yes, that’s right! NuGenesis has unlimited transaction processing speed. And that’s only the beginning.

Now, the NuGenesis team is adding a commodities trading platform to its repertoire. This week, NuGenesis announced that it has partnered with UAE and African governments to create a commodities trading platform on its layer-1 blockchain network. The importance of this news cannot be overstated.

There are plenty of layer-1 protocols out there, but you’ve never seen anything like this. 

NuGenesis’ patented AI technology serializes each digital asset to ‘peg and pair’ with the underlying assets they represent.

By registering the underlying commodity on the NuGenesis blockchain, the opportunity exists to trace its history across the entire supply chain. Once the commodity is represented by a security token, it can be globally traded without ever having to be physically exchanged or transported. Imagine trading gold without it ever having to leave the vault!

The NuGenesis Solution

The NuGenesis Network has developed the first of its type being a gas-less, fee-less layer 1 blockchain protocol, which allows true ‘pegging and pairing’ of any asset, using a unique identifiable coin and blockchain ledger system. Utilizing a nominated anchor (any tangible Asset) NuGenesis can mint coins, based on the direct input of the measurement of the Asset.

It is a fully autonomous system, deriving its mintable amounts directly from the nominated anchors, agreed measurement valuation, weight, and/or governance.  For example, for every gram of a physical commodity asset weighed and confirmed, the system will mint the required number of coins. Likewise, for every gram or asset removed from the system, the NuGenesis smart chain will burn the equivalent coin value.

NuGenesis Asset platform protocol allows not only digitalization of assets but also the ability to utilize the digitalized asset as a form of liquidity to purchase/apply or appropriate towards projects deployed on the NuGenesis Asset protocol NFT multi-coin Chain.

The system holistically solves the issues of digitalization of truly paired assets and their convertibility. It also allows the direct swapping of various pegged currencies without the need of external intermediate exchange. For example, gold and silver, silver and iron or any asset registered within the NuGenesis Asset systems can be dynamically and atomically swapped.

Pegging & Pairing Protocols

NuGenesis pegging and pairing protocols are designed to foster the application to newly developed asset classes.   Examples of measurable asset types include carbon credit systems; electricity buy-back arrangements and pre-conditional systems including pre-mining.

Use cases can be found with a pre carbon measurement platform, pre-construction land developments, pre zoning land distribution.  That is any value-adding platform that can be used to raise capital because of the liquidity and exchangeability that the system allows for instruments of value to be recognized as assets.

The nature of each platform created will be determined by what is optimal for each existing or emerging asset class. NuGenesis allows the freedom to use any form of proxy for value from a projects’ own Coin or a highly specific NFT.

For example, an interactive Layer 1 NFT that represents the earning and capital gains of proposed building development that ‘layers up’ at each stage of property development until it forms a highly elaborate entitlement to income, capital growth, possession, and any share of proprietary rights.

Event-based derivative tokens can be based on any objectively observable variable with a known set of potential outcomes, a specified observation time, and a resolution source.  This provides the perfect platform for even the humblest investor, to take a position in a potential new energy source to be developed or the prospect of the discovery and utilization of natural resources.

The Future, with NuGenesis

Corporate Social Responsibility is good for everyone, consumers and companies alike. Ethically conscious customers are demanding greater transparency in commodities trading. The NuGenesis blockchain facilitates the serialized tokenization of assets so that users can source, trade, and trace commodities from mine to market.

The market is no stranger to fraud scandals. Typically, fraud has been the consequence of poorly controlled physical inventories. Now, NuGenesis’ patented technology enables the creation of a full audit trail for every asset and participant in the movement of physical commodities.

The NuGenesis blockchain eliminates inefficiencies, administrative errors, and costly back-office processes – such as volume actualization, and numerous reconciliations.

Now, with NuGenesis, all parties have access to the serialized verifiable data and verified transaction records. The impact on transaction speed and cost improvements is enormous.

NuGenesis users experience significantly reduced credit risk by virtue of its faster settlement times and lower collateral requirements. The blockchain even enables smart tendering, eliminating inter-party negotiations and cumbersome information exchange. 

With the overwhelming potential for mass disruption, no business operating in the commodities space can afford to miss this opportunity. 

Companies must revolutionize their business to reflect the technological change. Adapt or die. We must act now, or all get left behind.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored article. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any project.